Audio Orchid


Audio Orchid

AUDIO ORCHID is a dynamic musical duo based in sunny Sarasota, Florida. Comprising John Silvestri and Ryan Thompson, they first discovered their chemistry back in 2009 when they met in Tallahassee. After pursuing various musical projects and living in different cities, both John and Ryan eventually settled in the vibrant Sarasota music scene.

Their sound has evolved into a unique style of rock, blending rugged nostalgia with modern originality. When Audio Orchid takes the stage, their high energy and improvisational dynamics guarantee a good vibe. 

Here’s a fun and kid-friendly bio for Audio Orchid:

John Silvestri and Ryan Thompson are the musical wizards behind Audio Orchid. Imagine a magical blend of rock music that feels like a warm, sunny day at the beach. 

John and Ryan first crossed paths in Tallahassee, and it was like musical fireworks! They jammed together, creating beautiful tunes that made hearts dance. 

One day, John called up Ryan and said, “Hey, let’s play a show!” And guess what? Ryan didn’t hesitate. He shouted, “F**K yeah!” 

They spent weeks practicing, fine-tuning their songs, and adding their own twist. When the big day arrived, they hit the stage at Scullers in Sarasota and played the best set of their lives. The crowd cheered, and the music flowed like a cool breeze on a hot day. 

Now, Audio Orchid keeps rocking, pouring their hearts into every chord. They’re like two musical superheroes, spreading joy wherever they play. So next time you’re in Sarasota, keep an ear out for Audio Orchid—they’ll make your soul dance! 


John Silvestri

The Maestro of Melodies

From the very beginning, John Silvestri danced to the rhythm of life. Even before birth, the harmonious notes of Mozart and Beethoven serenaded his soul. As he emerged into the world, passion and expression flowed through his veins like a melodic river. And yes, he was a screamer—a vocal virtuoso in the making.

John’s family, deeply entrenched in music, provided the fertile soil for his artistic growth. Keyboards, saxophones, and guitars adorned their home, each instrument whispering secrets of symphonies yet to be composed. Guitar strings became his first love, but destiny had other plans—a siren call to sing.

As the visionary behind Audio Orchid, John conducts a tight ship. His baton commands excellence at every gig, leaving audiences spellbound. He coined the phrase “best set of our lives,” and he means it. But it’s more than words; it’s a heartbeat synced to the rhythm of his soul.

To say John feels the music is an understatement. It’s an infusion—an electric current that surges through his veins. When he steps on stage, he becomes the music itself. The piano keys, the saxophone’s wail, the guitar’s strum—it’s all an extension of his being.

John Silvestri of Audio Orchid


Ryan Thompson

Unleashing Musical Colors

From the moment I could hear, I was captivated by the kaleidoscope of music. Picture my mom—driving me to school, humming Gypsy Kings and Joni Mitchell tunes. Or evenings at home, The Beatles’ melodies blending with the aroma of dinner. I’d ask myself, “What the fk am I hearing, and how the fk am I hearing it?!” That question became my compass.

Guess what? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. So, armed with determination, I taught myself guitar. My buddy shared guitar tabs, and suddenly, I was chasing sound. David Gilmour’s soulful solos, John Frusciante’s raw energy, Jimmy Page’s wizardry, and Adam Jones’ sonic landscapes—they all left their fingerprints on my playing.

Here’s the secret: The more you know, the less you know—especially in music. It’s like falling down a rabbit hole, discovering new harmonies, and losing yourself in the notes.

So, if you’re curious, check out my mentor, John Silvestri. He’s the reason I can shred those strings. His page? It’s a treasure trove of guitar wisdom. 

Keep listening, keep playing, and let the colors of music paint your world.

Rock on, Ryan Thompson

Ryan of Audio Orchid

When’s the Party?

Live shows are where we SHINE, with high energy, improvisational dynamics guaranteed to create a good vibe.