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Audio Orchid Music at The Parrot
Audio Orchid at Pops Sunset Grill
Audio Orchid at Nokomo's sunset grill
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Audio Orchid Live


Audio Orchid Live

Audio Orchid, the dynamic duo of John Silvestri and Ryan Thompson, brings magic to your next wedding. 

We customize each playlist, play soothing background music during breaks, and pour their hearts into every chord.

With Audio Orchid, your wedding day becomes a symphony of love, laughter, and unforgettable memories.

Corporate Events

Why choose Audio Orchid for your event? Let us break it down:

Tailored Tunes: We curate our playlist to match the vibe. Upbeat hits? Absolutely. We’ve got your musical back.

Background Magic: During those networking breaks, we keep the ambiance alive. Our soothing tunes ensure conversations flow like a gentle stream. Whether it’s a boardroom or a charity fundraiser, we’ve got you covered.

Heartfelt Passion: When we play, we pour our souls into every note. It’s not just music; it’s our love language. You’ll feel the emotion—we promise.

Crystal-Clear Sound: Outdoor event? Grand ballroom? No worries. Our sound setup is pro-level. Clear speeches, impactful presentations—it’s all part of the package.

Ready to groove with us?

Audio Orchid Live

Special Occasions

John Silvestri and Ryan Thompson reporting in—your personal groove-makers. Let’s break it down:

Birthday Bash: Imagine your cake, candles flickering, and friends cheering. We’ll be there, strumming our guitars, serenading you with tunes that celebrate life.

Anniversary Extravaganza: Whether it’s your first or fiftieth, love deserves a soundtrack. Picture slow dances, whispered promises, and our harmonies weaving magic. 

Graduation Jamboree: Caps in the air, dreams taking flight—our music adds the perfect backdrop. From “Pomp and Circumstance” to modern hits, we’ve got the playlist covered. 

Retirement Revelry: Farewell to the 9-to-5! Let’s groove into this new chapter. Our melodies will honor your journey and kick off the relaxation mode. 

Ready to make memories?

Meet Audio Orchid

"Fantastic band! High energy! So much fun. We have seen them multiple times and we follow their schedule and try to see them whenever we can."

"Awesome!! That is all!!!!"

"These guys are freaking awesome!!! 🤘😎🎸"

"John and Ryan are awesome!"

Audio Orchid

Is a dynamic musical duo based in sunny Sarasota, Florida. Comprising John Silvestri and Ryan Thompson, they first discovered their chemistry back in 2009 when they met in Tallahassee. After pursuing various musical projects and living in different cities, both John and Ryan eventually settled in the vibrant Sarasota music scene.

John Silvestri and Ryan Thompson are the musical wizards behind Audio Orchid. Imagine a magical blend of rock music that feels like a warm, sunny day at the beach. 

 John and Ryan first crossed paths in Tallahassee, and it was like musical fireworks! They jammed together, creating beautiful tunes that made hearts dance. 

 One day, John called up Ryan and said, “Hey, let’s play a show!” And guess what? Ryan didn’t hesitate. He shouted, “F**K yeah!” 

 They spent weeks practicing, fine-tuning their songs, and adding their own twist. When the big day arrived, they hit the stage at Scullers in Sarasota and played the best set of their lives. The crowd cheered, and the music flowed like a cool breeze on a hot day.

Their sound has evolved into a unique style of rock, blending rugged nostalgia with modern originality. When Audio Orchid takes the stage, their high energy and improvisational dynamics guarantee a good vibe. 

Now, Audio Orchid keeps rocking, pouring their hearts into every chord. They’re like two musical superheroes, spreading joy wherever they play. So next time you’re in Sarasota, keep an ear out for Audio Orchid—they’ll make your soul dance! 

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